916 Plantation Blvd. Fairhope, AL 36532 (251) 928-9927


2020 Board of Directors and Officers


Cliff Pitman

Jeff Frostholm
1st Vice-President
Brian Armstrong
2nd Vice-President/Treasurer
Eric Craig 3rd Vice-President/Secretary
Chris Farlow Past President

Local Directors
Chris Bumpers
Matt Hammond Tracy Holobaugh Jim Smith
Barbara Fretwell
MIke Henriksen Cameron Reehl Eddie Youngblood
  Joe Hocklander Cain Roberds  

State Directors
Brian Armstrong Robert Brown
Jeff Frostholm
Eric Craig Chris Farlow
Cliff Pitman

National Directors
Robert Brown Chris Farlow Cliff Pitman, Life
Alex Cary Lee MItchell Patrick Waller, Life

Senior Life Directors
Don Druse Stillman Knight George Roberds

Associate Council Chairman
Nancy Grace

Executive Vice-President
Marsha P. Jordan

Katie McCarron

Brett Foster